Creative Landscape Designs

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Consultations
    On-site consultations begin at $75/hour with a 2 hour minimum. Depending on the size of the project a quick sketch can be drawn during the consultation, meaning that you may be able to get by with only a consultation, thereby saving the design fee to purchase plants for your garden.

    A consultation can also be in the form of a nursery tour to help educate you on the options of plant materials available to you. Most clients are visual and seeing the plant material quickly makes the client excited about getting involved in their garden project. Clients can also see what the cost of plants are, which helps to determine if their budget is realistic.

  • Detailed Landscape Design Plan
    Drafting fees begin at $600 for a typical front yard design. This fee includes perks, like touring a nursery to see what your likes and dislikes are, so we can be sure to include only those plants we know you love. Prices will vary depending on the scope of the project. Please call for an estimate.

  • Plant Procurement and Placement
    We can procure the plants and place them according to the client's wishes or landscape design plan, even if it wasn't drawn from our own designers. Fees are dependant on the plants being procured. Please call for an estimate.

  • Pots and Containers
    We can procure pots and containers as well as the plants necessary to make a spectacular display for any patio, porch, or deck. Please call for an estimate.

  • We will work with YOUR budget!
    We can be brutally honest if the scope of your project is beyond your current budget. The majority of our clients work their landscaping projects into phrases and according to budget. This means that we will prioritize the work needing to be done and do it according to your budget.

  • Other services
    We collaborate with numerous local 'licensed' contractors to assist with the landscaping project. This includes:

    • Concrete work
    • Retaining walls
    • Pathways and patios
    • Fencing, gates, arbors, gazebos
    • Water features, including ponds, bubblers, water pots, etc.
    • Decorative gutter down spouts
    • Iron work
    • Irrigation, irrigation repair, and winterizing
    • Yearly backflow check
    • Outdoor kitchen areas