Creative Landscape Designs

Your landscaping project will most likely be comprised of the following five major steps:

  1. Master Landscape Design Plan
    This is the blueprint for your overall landscape design. With this plan contractors will understand the look you are after and you will be assured the final results are what you desire.

  2. Hardscape
    This includes things like stone work, retaining walls, fencing, decking, ponds, etc. We recommend that any major hardscape be completed first, as you may find that this cost alone may take up the bulk of your landscaping budget. Getting this done first also ensures that the amount of damage done to existing plant material is minimized.

  3. Irrigation and Soil Prep
    This step is probably the most vital and, if you're not a handy individual or have a strong back, we recommend you hire a contractor! Soil prep is critical - the better the condition of your soil, the better your plants will flourish. After soil, irrigation is next on the list. Whether you have an underground sprinkler system or a hose, you need to ensure that all areas of your garden receive the water necessary for a long and healthy life. Don't skimp on this step, as it will only cause you heartaches later!

  4. Purchase and Installation of Plant Material
    Go to your local plant nurseries and check out the current plant availability and pricing. Start with trees and your larger sized plants for shade and privacy screen. Then, fill in with the smaller sized plants according to your budget.

  5. Fine Tuning
    This is the FUN part and will probably NEVER be completed. This is where you get to play and put in your own personal touches. Plant perennials, bulbs, and groundcovers. Unfortunately at this phase you will probably start to rethink your patio furniture - I did!

We think the secret to installing your own yard is to make it FUN! Remember that if you work Monday-Friday, DON'T spend every weekend working in the yard. Take time off for yourself every now and then or you'll reach burn-out and never be able to fully enjoy your garden.

  • 80% of our business comes from referrals from satisfied customers!

  • We provide services for all budgets.

  • Professional rates for homeowners.

  • If you don't have the time, we can select quality plant material for you. We can deliver it to your door or even place it in your yard according to a master design plan, whether it was drawn by us or not. We can even place the plant material without a master design plan as we use our vast knowledge and experience to give you the vision you are looking for.

  • We can provide a list of professional services from recommended contractors for you to choose from or we can work with your own contractor.

  • Regardless of how you choose to work with us, we are confident we can give you the garden of your dreams!